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Drongomala from England London

Artist History

12000 miles

is the silicone egg brainchild of drongomala & Boofa. After meeting online in 2005 the pair immediately decided to work on a project together and boom! 12000 miles was born.

12000 miles is the distance between drongomala (Manchester, UK) and Boofa (Wellington, Aotearoa).


Drongomala and Boofa




is three years of bouncing files through cyberspace, winters and summers.

12000 Miles have played ‘in analogue’ once in Manchester in 2007. Also guesting is the stellar flutist Iain Dixon of Manchester.

album ocver


Drongomala and Boofa met by chance on myspace in 2005 - they stumbled on each other’s music and dug what they heard. Drongomala was already 4 albums and six bands into his experimental musical path and Boofa was just finding his footing making simple yet provocative down beat electro. There was a natural alchemical connection that both D and B felt, they decided to work on a track together which soon turned into an idea for an album.

Keeping the demo files ‘low weight’ in the beginning allowed the pair to bounce whole suites of changes back and forth across the net. As the tracks developed then so did the size of the audio and midi files and eventually the pair moved from using Reason and a common-soundbank to Ableton Live and audio.

“We really challenged each other sonically and ended up with something that we could never have made alone. The overall sound is something that we came to by experimenting and doing things that we weren’t doing on our solo stuff. By exchanging files over the net, each session was open to the other completely ripping the material apart, so in a buddhist styley we couldn’t become to attached to any material or ideas, just two takes each of sonic experimentation” Boofa.

The file exchange cycle became longer and the pair survived a band splitting up, 2 breakins, released three other records between them, started a t-shirt company and a degree in music, moved house 4 times and much else but they still managed to ‘tag’ one another over the two years with the developing demos. Boofa flew to his home town of London to see friends and family and made the trip up to Manchester where Drongomala and Boofa spent 6 short days working their 20 or so demos into a manageable live set for the 5th day in Manchester at the alternative Glastonbury event put on in Manchester’s Green room.

The set was raw and well received and the real life collaboration cemented the original connection that the pair made. After Boofa left the UK back to Wellington NZ the guys got to honing the material for an album, but what started off as an idea of 6 months max for a finished album turned into two years.

Drongomala got the auteur wind player Iain Dixon to come in and play flute over the material to cement the feeling of air and wings in the album. This was the second record that Drongomala has done with him and he says of Iain:

“I can’t rate him highly enough - he’s a master wind player. He is Macbeth and Puck in the same breath and regularly only needs to gentlest of nods to click into constant motion. I say ‘Cranes attacking Pygmies on the beach’ and that’s what comes out of the horn/flute/clarinet. A proper conjurer like a musician should be. Iain also turned down a Van Morrison tour just before he recorded with us which is a fun detail” Drongomala.

D & B then reworked the original material remotely - the music melted together and produced an expansive sonic landscape. The crane mojo was at work.

The album is quite different to anything that’s out there at the moment. It’s dynamics are almost operatic with some tracks sounding like a dropped pylon cable in a timpani section while others are gentle and conciliatory. As an album it is more than the sum of it’s parts - the spell doesn’t seem to break.

Drongomala Blog
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"As the White Crane Flies" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 23 Jul 2009 06:23 PM

"As the White Crane Flies" by 12000 Miles (UK/NZ electronica artist collaboration) Intriguing the listener with experimental Electronica, 12000 Miles releases their debut album, titled "As the White Crane Flies." The musical pair began this collaboration, as their group name suggests, miles apart sharing their works of MIDI files through the internet. The end result is an outstanding and brilliant collection of free forming works utilizing the highly talented forte of Lain Dixon Iain as flute player. Opening up the disc is "Alphabet Hunt (from A)," which delivers a driving industrial tonality, while the smooth and interesting flute surprises the listener with instrumental interplay. Strong and powerful synth hits and generous percussive beats bring together the absorbing energy "Endangered Species" offers up. "V Formation" shows a slightly softer side of the album, with the flute being soothing and melodic with a light and airy quality. If you like multi-layered experimental music with first-rate production that is flavored with the dynamics of the flute, then 12000 Miles's "As the White Crane Flies" will be one album you will thoroughly enjoy.

-Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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RadioIndy Presents-- 12000 MILES: As the White Crane Flies
POSTED BY: radioindy POSTED ON: 23 Jul 2009 06:10 PM

CD price: $12.50 / MP3 price: $7.00

12000 MILES: As the White Crane Flies 12000 MILES: As the White Crane Flies

As the White Crane Flies is an experimental electronic-analogue album with flute and dynamics that are almost operatic - some tracks sound like a dropped pylon cable in a timpani section while others are gentle and conciliatory.

Recommended if you like Aphex Twin, Miles Davis, Boards of Canada.

CD price: $12.50 / MP3 price: $7.00

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