Pennsylvania's own "27 Lights" has become the region's premier original modern-rock band.  This group is truly the area's rising star.  Having won countless "Battle of the Bands" contests in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington, DC, as well as securing their place in the area's original music venues, "27  Lights" is on their way to capturing audiences in an ever growing region.

“The DUB7 E.P.” is the latest three-song release from the band 27 Lights. This is the prelude to the full-length album coming out later this year. The DUB7 E.P. is a brilliant departure from their first release. These young men have embarked on a new musical quest to incorporate classic sounds of reggae and psychedelic music into their own modern musical expression. The new sounds from 27 Lights are both fun and interesting, yet danceable and contagious. This band is destined to be one of the great modern jam bands of our era. If you enjoy musical elements of Bob Marley, Pink Floyd and modern-rock band Incubus, you should very well enjoy this latest release from 27 Lights.