2D Tune

2D Tune’s new album is mixed with a lot of unique tunes.

This new album takes you on an energetic yet chill ride that is worth listening to.

It features over 70 minutes of interesting songs.

There’s a meaning in 2D Tune that is far opposite from the term “2D”.

If you want to put it this way, his approach to his tunes is to take on a 3D measure or better.

2D Tune just stands for “Das Drew Tune”.

2D Tune is a one man show who loves messing around with all styles of music.

His love for music has helped him get motivated in creating moving, and energetic tunes.

He draws his inspiration from artists such as Tiesto, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Plump DJ’s, Moby, and many more.

Be on a look out for his next CD that will be delivered very soon.