52nd Street

Welcome to 52nd Street in the Big Apple, where Jazz is steaming hot, the weather is ice cold, and the drinks flow freely.   This masterful collection, described as one of the best vocal albums in Jazz, contains all that 52nd Street spirit. 

Originally released in 1981, its label has rereleased these eleven tracks to grace the jazz scene once again.  Enjoy classics like "Take the A Train" and "Miss Harper Goes Bizarre."  Listen to the talented Wendy Simon and Eric Shaw put their own twist on "My Favorite Things."  Finally, hear their original, "Everybody Eats When They Come To My House," a hilarious masterpiece of lyrical work that has received praise from critics and fans alike.

This album is guaranteed to take you back to the jazz clubs of 52nd Street and have you up and dancing in no time.


"Group amazes in all 11 songs. A unique, welcome pop vocal group, reminiscent of Lambert, Hendrix and Ross. Lyrics included!" --Dan Singer, In Tune International, September 2005