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Image: You may dig it, as does Michael Compton of the California band Star Parts:

"I've been listening to Replica's non-stop since I got it- it keeps getting better with every listen. You rule!" 

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Review of NIGHT SKY:

Author: Drew Minshew
Date: 2008-09-09 
"I was enthralled with the talking vocals and tandumn singing vocals. very early pink floyd you just donr hear folks doing that and its soooo cool i liked the whole project it needed some relly nice lead licks between vocals to really seel it but all in all very good and well worth a 2nd or 3rd listen."


Pauline Trouble [posted during evaluation]
"Cool vibes happening here for sure. Good playing. That's it! I'm getting a drum kit! (or a couple of boxes and some sticks!)"
unklespaz [posted during evaluation]
"for a one man band...pretty cool"

Re-inventing My Own Wheel Since 1992
by Joe Cook

Why bring up 1992? That’s when I started writing music with a 4-track, able to play drums and lead guitar accompaniment to my efforts at singing to chords. I call them songs, but they’re more like pieces mostly. The songs with obvious/understandable lyrics came much later, while playing semi-regular local pub gigs in an acoustic duo with friend Aaron Joella. Now I like to play both, but REPLICAS is an hour of songs from the 90’s, re-recorded in 2008. Obscure stuff written in obscurity, even though I did perform one of my own songs at a house party during the year I played lead guitar in SNUGGLES PART 2. As the Orchard Street Brewery head brewer I both formed an employee-only jam band THE CRAZY BEER-O’s, and made time to search though piles of tapes, cull and work on the ones I thought were good. This process has carried though to the present, as I continue to write. I am honored to still accompany Joella on his songs, and I even play drums in the noise band A FREQUENCY. My next album is going to be 14 times better, and I may soon add a drummer.