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617 from England London

Artist History

Renowned UK artist, Ed Accura, the founder and producer of the highly successful hip hop crew 617, has produced his first solo hip hop album, Observations Of A Social Misfit.

Ed Accura began to fulfil his passion for hip hop in the early 90’s with Street Jazz Productions. He took to the mic, also writing his own lyrics, and produced his first release, the album Five X Five, which became an instant success on the UK underground scene and export markets.

In 2003, Ed Accura, formed the UK hip hop crew, 617, which stormed into the music scene with their highly successful debut album, The Vault, which included their mega European hit single, Always, featuring none other than the UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair!!

Released on his independent label, Accura Records, Ed Accura, supported by D.R.A., rapper and artistic director, created a unique style of hip-hop by introducing famous vocal samples from the likes of Tony Blair and Anne Robinson into their tuneful rap lyrics and hip hop/urban beats. With this unique creative production, Ed Accura, working under the name 617 achieved great success in Germany, France, Japan and the UK. Encouraged by his remarkable achievement, Ed Accura, returned to the recording studio in 2005, to begin work on 617’s follow-up album, Bittersweet, which was successfully released in October 2006, which included smash hits Drunk, featuring Gemma Carroll and Want You Back featuring US Chicago based rapper, Cardo.

Now in 2010, inspired by his experience and knowledge of today’s society, Ed Accura has produced this incredible melodic, rap album, Observations Of A Social Misfit. Ed has managed to create a lyrically, expressive album, translating his thoughts into reflective provoking tracks, such as £1000 For A Pair Of Heels, Superstar, Vibe & Hype and Wall Candy.

Stone Sober, first single to be released from Observations Of A Social Misfit, engages on Ed’s reflections on a previous drunken evening with friends and their antics as the night unfolds. Ed Accura has managed to lyrically express his observations as well as create a tuneful track. Stone Sober is available in four mixes, namely, original album, zephyr remix featuring MARI, DDJJ mix and late lounge remix all available on the album, Observations Of A Social Misfit.

The Observation Of A Social Misfit album and single Stone Sober are available through i-tunes and all major on-line distributions sites!! Check out Ed Accura’s online communities, www.myspace.com/accura
www.edaccura.com for ringtone and competitions!

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