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8 Month Malfunction from Hayes

Artist History

"8 Months Malfunction" is the new solo project of Singer/Songwriter Ian Husbands (fREAK-1-C) with the musicianship and production skills of fellow MySpace artist Jo Webb. Ian has endured a rough year in 2005 and with seemingly everything against him, Ian jumped feet first into his songwriting, escaping the worries of every day life with his lyric book, acoustic guitar and a portable studio setup, recording songs wherever he found himself in the UK, from Hull to Devon. With producer Jo Webb's musical genius converting Ian's songs from acoustic strum-a-longs to edgy, hard-hitting rock tracks , Ian's songwriting caught the attention of Damian West at Electric Horse Songs Publishing, who have signed "8 Months Malfunction" for a small deal to fund a 3 track recording session, with Mourn being released on August 21st 2006.
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