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ANIMA's group is formed by Ferdinando Zornitta, Fuad Handal, Nicolas Rivera and Fernando Handal, and was born in 1998. At that time, Carlos Maldonado and Chris Naranjo were also at the band. They recorded two songs, which were conceived as studio material, combining alternative and electronic textures, generating a completely new sound for that time. The songs were “Lejos” and “Quédate” which were successfully played by the local radios. In 2000 the group became a trio, and Ferdinando Zornitta, Alex Tabora and Fuad Handal recorded 6 songs, which were very succesful in local radios and local gigs. The project stopped in 2001 when Alex went to live in USA. In 2005 Fuad and Ferdinando joined again to create new music and started to record a new material, called “FRACCION DE SEGUNDO” which was carefully produced for more than 1 year and mastered in Buenos Aires, Argentina by Diego Guerrero in Puro Mastering. This studio is owned by Eduardo Bergallo, well known for working with Soda Stereo. The record “FRACCION DE SEGUNDO” was launched in February 2008, and the first single “RIOS DE MERCURIO” has been a radio hit in Honduras, and appeared in the Latin Alternative Music Conference compilation 2008 CD. ANIMA won the Gente Award for Best Rock Band in 2008. Nicolas Rivera and Fernando Handal joined the band during this period. In 2010 ANIMA started pre producing and recording their new Album, ¨DOBLE ATRACCION¨ was mixed in USA and mastered in Argentina, and was released on April 2012 with great reviews from the fans and specialized media. ANIMA released the video for ¨No Existe Nadie Más¨on November 28th 2012.