A Beautiful Silence
Image: A Beautiful Silence hails from the small town of Marquette in one of the northernmost points of the upper peninsula of Michigan and is the sole creation of 22 year old James Faccio. The catchy songs James writes vary from Electronic/Pop to Acoustic/Rock. Being very open minded musically, his influences range anywhere from Led Zeppelin and Queen to Taking Back Sunday and The Spill Canvas.

A Beautiful Silence began in 2004. Originally stemming from a full band and a failure to find dedicated members, A Beautiful Silence became what it is today, "A One Man Band". James plays guitar, piano, drums and writes and records all of his own music. Joining the "Do It Yourself" revolution, in a little over four years James produced three full length albums, played a countless number of shows and gained a large and growing online presence and fan base. Reaching over 1,000,000 plays on Myspace.com and over 600,000 plays on Purevolume.com the online presence can be clearly seen. James enjoys playing live to connect with his audience and his sole purpose is to share his music with the world.

"Hailing from Marquette, Michigan, James Faccio is the brains, body and heart of A Beautiful Silence. It’s head-over-heels admiration set to light drum machine pulsations and acoustic guitar accents." {Jason Randall Smith} ReviewYou.com

"Waging War On Myself is a memorable indie gem which every guy and girl can relate to." {The Music Appraisal}