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A Cool Devotion from Italy

Artist History

-------------------Introducing A Cool Devotion------------------------ This project is a reaction to a dark, common life like there's plenty of. A Cool Devotion is about passion, struggle and love lost, as about hope and reaction to frustration and emptiness. This music is not for winners or glamour boys but for the ones who needs something to rely on instead of watching the ceiling every night wondering why. A Cool Devotion is a solo project by Maximilian Rix (Born Massimiliano Rizzo,1969), helped by Tony Vitali (Born 1965). Influences come from bands of the eighties like The Cure, Marillion, U2, and Nine Inch Nails. This Duo started to collaborate in 2004, the year in which all the material for the album Bleedthrough was composed. Maximilian has been in various Rome based bands before: The Verve (A rock cover band of the eighties, role: bass player), The Lovecats (The Cure tribute band, role: singer and bass player), the Hype (U2 tribute band, role: guitar player and backing vocals). Tony Vitali is a jazz lover and a self-employed guitar teacher. In 2005 all the tracks of were arranged and produced using sequencers and MIDI based instruments. Maximilian sung and played all the MIDI instruments but guitar. In 2006 Tony Vitali quit but a second album: Falling From Grace, was released 2.28.2007. Composed and played only by Maximilian. You can preview and listen to sound clips of it on the official site: www.acooldevotion.com
A Cool Devotion Blog
"Falling from Grace" reveiwed by Josh B. for RadioIndy
POSTED BY: samid1471 POSTED ON: 21 May 2007 09:57 AM

On "Falling from Grace," A Cool Devotion uses exhilarating sounds to create a unique new wave/rock sound. The band uses power rock guitars, electronic drums, and interesting sounding keyboards to create their sound. A Cool Devotion presents vocals that are gritty and remind us at times of the Cure. Scarlet (Remember Me) has a beautiful keyboard intro that breaks into an upbeat new wave song with a catchy keyboard countermelody. On the track "You are my Treason", the vocals cut through the song adding a nice rough edge to the track. If you like Iggy Pop or Talking Heads then you will enjoy this CD. Get your copy today!
-Josh B. and RadioIndy
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