A Pyxie Worm
Image: Using laptop computer technology and real instruments to weave together found sounds, samples, rhythms and field recordings, A Pyxie Worm produce enchanting sonic landscapes that transport you to another world, if you just let their incredible music draw you in.

So far, A Pyxie Worm have remained largely mysterious, allowing their anonymity to let their music speak for itself.
Drawing influences from their experiences and their surroundings, themes of nature feature strongly in much of their music. The meeting of the organic with the electronic and the acoustic with the digital melts together to form extraordinary compositions. The mesmeric rhythms, loops and melodies take the listener to their own private imaginary place.

"We always create music that we like to listen to. We're trying to find something that we enjoy and that stimulates us. If it still does the next day then there’s probably something in it. We just write about things we enjoy and hopefully other people enjoy them as well. We don't want to try to fit in between two brackets that the media has positioned strategically. Fortunately we’re lucky enough that people seem to like what we do anyway. We feel fairly lucky that we can do what we want and get away with it."

At times, their music carries an exquisite melancholy, as heard in 'I Cut Off My Doll's Hair and Now She's Bald', sad, but somehow beautiful all at the same time.

"We're not necessarily trying to make the music sound sad, it's just what makes us tick. It is ultimately quite happy, but it's sort of searching for the happiness you haven't quite reached. If it gives you goosebumps or whatever, and feels kind of right, then that's how our music develops".

Whilst A Pyxie Worm have carved out their own musical style, they have been likened to other artists such as Boards of Canada, Four Tet, Múm, Aphex Twin, The Album Leaf, Air, Björk and even the Arctic Monkeys for the sheer daftness of their name.