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Abiogenesis from India

Artist History

Abiogenesis is a rock/fusion band from Nagaland, India . Not satisfied with just playing mainstream music and their hunger to take music to a higher level, the band went further into exploration & experimentation which resulted in a new form of world music which they have named 'Howey' . . Howey is now Abiogenesis brand of music. It’s a fusion of folk tunes with various forms of modern music. They incorporate a part of the past and take it to the future through their music. They also play a new wind musical instrument made of bamboo invented by a band member Moa. Abiogenesis is the only band in the world that plays Howey & Bamhum. They also incorporate traditional musical instruments in their music. Known for their energetic and lively acts, they have performed in many places in India and Thailand.
1.. 'Aeon Spell' released through Saregama in June 2007 ,was listed for Nominations in the 50th Grammy Awards in 2 categories.
2. ‘Rustic Relish’ released through their indie label APH Records which was listed for Nominations in the 51st Grammy Awards in 4 categories , available online through www.cdbaby.com/abiogenesis4 and 60 plus digital distribution COs.
Cover story in NE Sun, Reflexon magazine, Sentinel Melange. Also featured in Rolling Stone magazine, Rock Street Journal, Society, Tehelka, Northeast Beats, Time Out (Mumbai/Delhi), Reckoning etc and regularly features in National and regional tabloids.
Band members:
Arenla: Vocals / Lead Bamhum. Front lady & co-composer of the band.
Moa : Guitar/Bamhum/Harmonica and main composer of the band.
Daniel Engty: Lead guitar/jews harp- Krongchui
Larry : Bass.
Imli: Drums/Percussions
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