Acoustic Disturbance
Image: Last Past the Post Jacket.jpg

Acoustic Disturbance is an odd collection of musicians, actors, writers and other riff-raff who came together to produce songs about life and love that make people dance, sing and feel it.

Most of the songs are written by the mysterious Leighton Christopher-Smith, who generally appears at random times and place to deliver songs for the rest of the band to figure out. He then returns to his routine, which is also something of a mystery, but might be explained by his quote, "Music is what you do between sexual escapades." Under another pen name (Robert Morrow), he is the author of Ringing True, the new novel about a group of Seattle twenty-somethings who decide to address the pathetic state of humanity by launching a new religion via cyberspace.

The most accessible band member is Timothy Mendonsa, who does several of the vocals on Firstnighter as well as the exceptional lead guitar solos that drive the album's rockers. Timothy is also responsible for the all-instrumental Televisions in Trees and the gorgeous musical background to Sides. He's sort of the public face of the band, as he knows no shame and happens to be not bad-looking.

The other band members use pseudonyms from Finnegan's Wake because they don't want any possible "fame" to screw up the music. Except for Timothy's contributions noted above, we're not 100% sure who played on what on which songs, except that Tommy Furlong does the introduction. It really doesn't matter---it's all about the music, not who did what. All of the band members have other pursuits in the music world, and we'll be publishing news about their activities shortly.

Last Past the Post is our latest CD, released February 2012. It's the story of life's losers told from their perspective. Our first CD, Firstnighter was released in 2009. All our music is available o iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby