Adam Web
Image: Acoustifunk soul singer/songwriter lyrically enveloping the world into a peaceful blanket.
Born in Bethlehem, PA, Adam Web would discover the guitar and his voice
early in his college career at Philadelphia University. The sounds that emerged
were acoustic driven, though not your average folksy singer-songwriter sounds
-- funk, reggae, jazz, and everything in between had Adam’s mind saying,
“that sounds right”. His unique blend of percussive guitar grooves, smooth
soulful vocals, and an array of hope filled lyrics has created a new branch on
the singer/songwriter tree. With his rootsy approach he has drawn
comparisons to such contemporaries as Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, and
Jason Mraz, but still maintains a definitive sound of his own. Building a strong
fan base as well as impressing club promoters has afforded Web performances
at nationally acclaimed venues such as Milkboy Coffee in Ardmore, PA and
The Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville, TN. It has also allowed him to spread his
music into New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia,
Rhode Island, Oregon, North Carolina, and Washington, D.C.

Adam’s career took shape “down under” while studying abroad in
Melbourne, Australia. It was during this time of discovery that he began
writing about love, peace, and a search for heightened awareness. Drawing
inspiration from both uplifting literature and an eclectic mix of musical
influences, Web began creating a sound all his own. After receiving an
overwhelmingly positive response at many college and pub performances, he
returned to the States knowing that music would be his purpose and career. He
began performing in Philadelphia landing consistent gigs at The Grape Street
Pub; a prominent national original music venue. It would be here that Web
would eventually record his first live Cd in the summer of 2006.

Live shows with Adam Web are an upbeat affair with plenty of funk and
reggae infused tunes to keep the audience engaged. With his laid back
demeanor and a peaceful sense of humor, he alleviates any tension in the
room and brings everyone to a triumphant calm. From the moment the first
note sounds, the crowd is brought into a world where hope and love rule and
any worries are lost in the sweet sound of his voice. The full band
performances give a powerful boost to Web’s songs as they include a very
energetic hand percussionist named Greg Lissauer and the groove defining
Adam Smith on bass guitar. During his solo performances, Adam creates an
awed silence that is softly pierced by soulful vocals.

His current project “Once We Were Stars”, a self produced studio album, is
an exploration of groove and a hopeful humanity. From the funk infused
“Bluff” and “Rogue Lover” to the beachy soul rhythms of “Life is My Play”,
Web capitalizes on his ability to shine vocals onto a backdrop of simplistic
grooves. The rich and sensitive track “Say Often” owns a soulful chorus
promoting consistent affection towards our loved ones, while the more
universal “Standstill” searches for a love and understanding of all people.
Backed by a talented display of hand percussion, keys, and bass guitar, Web
fills out his songs while still holding on to the organic simplicity that is his
identity. Lyrically he locates a median between the human experience and the
ethereal plane as he expresses, “The lyrics touch on our everyday personal
emotions while keeping a pulse on the bigger picture...the broader perspective
of who and what we are and of what we’re all capable of becoming.”

As seen by his completion of the Home Sweet Home Acoustic Tour in July
2010, Adam Web’s career is on the rise and his music is on the verge of
breaking out. An up and coming artist, he has a warmth that draws listeners in
and a talent that will keep them coming back for years to come. With
aspirations to spread this music across the country and beyond, he is currently
seeking representation and a record label to put forth his efforts.

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