Adrian Iowa
Image: a1neu.jpg NOT BETTER THAN THE OTHERS - JUST OTHER THAN THE BEST - so, B OriGinaL - don't ImiTate!

PROTOTYP/Adrian Iowa & Friends


In 1981 Adrian Iowa founded the band PROTOTYP and "prototyp" became program for the band. With every concert, the four musicians presented new compositions, there were no repetitions! Born in Temeschburg he began his musical career with his own band PROTOTYP and pleased his fans with melodious Artrock songs, selective melodies and stirring rhythms. Later he moved to Hechingen/ Germany,. Whoever saw and listened to this band before, knows why they succeed in filling the masses with enthusiasm straight away! The melodies go into the ear, the lyrics leave an imprint. The end product is merciless Entertainment, full of surprises and because they don't become tired, they show their qualities live on stage to proof it - the performance on stage is a must. Adrian Iowa is composer and copywriter of the band, (Some of his poems appeared in magazines). Remarkable about the band was, that for 6 years(during 1981-1987), they renounced the bass guitar. However, this was compensated through the development of an individual guitar tuning and gave the Prototyp sound something really unique.... although lyrics existed only instrumental songs were played for years... Adrian Iowa wanted to draw the audiences attention to the special tuned guitar of his. Adrian Iowa and his band called PROTOTYP has become new members and define themselves somewhere between a production team, studio musicians, family and band. They come together to realize this project, a unique Rock-Opera , a musical event of special kind called THE SNOW STAR