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Afc Praise from Unknown

Artist History

Pastor Eric Fearman is a man of God, who is also a Grammy Award Winning musician/composer/producer. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, Eric began playing guitar at an early age. Throughout his teenage years, he performed as guitarist for various R & B artists and also acquired proficiency on the piano. In 1980, Eric joined the Cleveland-based group, Kinsman Dazz, which was signed by Motown Records and became known as The Dazz Band. Eric performed on and composed many songs recorded by the band, which was recognized with a Grammy for Best Performance by an R & B Group in 1983. Popular Dazz Band music has been used over the years for movie soundtracks and television commercials, including Reese’s Candy and Procter and Gamble products. In addition, music composed by Eric has been used on the hit ABC-TV program, “Dancing with the Stars” and on popular video games."Let it whip"

In 1990, Eric committed his life to Jesus Christ and is founder and pastor of Ambassadors for Christ (AFC), a Cleveland-area non-denominational church since 2005. This inaugural AFC Praise CD was written and produced by Pastor Eric through God’s inspiration, and features AFC members and phenomenal singers LaTrese Fearman and Leonard and Shawn Chisholm.

Eric has performed at many major venues in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa.


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