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One thing I always new, from the time as young as a three year old spinning in circles on the floor, I was going to be a singer. Already at the age of 7, I stole my big brothers cassette tapes to sit in the bathroom and record myself playing guitar and singing. The sound in there was a lot better then any other room in the house.

I knew three chords. I had found two cassette decks, one belonging to my sister the other my brother and I would play what I had just recorded on one of them and then sing harmony to myself recording a new version on deck #2. I joined a local band at the age of twelve and from there went through a few bands (Black Angels, High Gloss Connection, Queen Mable) before being signed with Polygram Records in 1984.

I released three albums under the Polygram banner the next few years.

1985:In ten pieces.

1986:Target Practice.

1988:Living In A Boys World.

After a lot of touring,TV shows and Radio interviews, I decided to leave for United States in 89 and have since resided here loving this city of Lost Angels.

I worked as a staff writer for Windswept Pacific for a few years (now EMI music)... Worked and collaborated with a  lot of amazing musicians in this town.

 I also stepped into Photography and it became a new passion in my life and I am still engulfed in this world as you can see through my Website WWW.SHINTOSTUDIOS.COM You can also find me on MYSPACE.COM/AINANORWAY

In 2005 MTM Music, decided to re-release Living In A Boys World, They had gotten hold of a few demo's I had recorded with Bob Marlette and Tom Whitlock, and asked if they could add 5 of these songs as bonus trax to the re-release. I agreed and.. Deja Vu..."Living In a Boys world" was reborn. Thank You Mario/MTM.

2005: re release of "Living In A boys World"/ 5 bonus trax added

         MTM CLASSIX

Finally this year I decided to release

"LITTLE ESCAPADES" and it is a short walk away from the pop-rock world I used to embrace. These are a collection of songs I have co-written with some very talented musicians here in Los Angeles. I have been very fortunate to be graced by the presence of some amazing players and producers. Main guys on this album is Chris Standring and Rodney Lee/ Solar System.  A few songs I recorded myself in my own little home studio... bare bones..simple as it gets.

got whirlwind into the Digital Download world because of the possible release of an I-phone game that features 5 of it's songs. I had  decided not to release this collection being it has some very raw demo's being part of it.  BUT.... here we's out... and I hope some of you will enjoy these songs as much as I enjoy sharing them with you.

Have a great 2009 to you all.


1985: In Ten Pieces/Polygram records /Norway
1986: Target Practice/Polygram records /Norway
1988: Living In A Boys World/Polygram records /Norway
2005: Living In a Boys World/5 bonus tracks/ Re Release BY MTM music

2008: Little Escapades/Beast Of Burden Music