Alan Newbery
Image: alannewbery.jpg

Blues and Roots based reflections on life and the passing of time. 

Growing up with the Beatles, the Stones, Dylan and the blues, half-baked songs have popped into his head for as long as he can remember.

A radio station song-writing contest in 1991 lead to a CD with The Dead Tired Nurses.

A spot on the Cat In A Hat CD through 2NUR at Newcastle Uni. followed.

Then there was Peasant Skills and the thrill of being amongst the finalists of the ABC Newcastle Music Awards.

A productive relationship with Avantgarde Audio Productions at Largs has kept the creative juices flowing as does a presence on Triple Js Unearthed.

Somehow the songs refuse to go away. They have a life of their own. They long to be heard.