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Angelica Redlund from Unknown

Artist History

Wonderful that you found me!

I have been writing my own music for several (six) years now. My first single, Hide, was recorded in 2003 at Century Songs and my second ,Castles Made Of Air, was recorded in 2004 at GMG Studios.
These songs were well received by both radio and DJs all over Sweden and it encouraged me to keep on playing.
In February 2006 I found a studio called Studio Lyddevagen, and with lots of help from their staff, Walk Me Home and Off You Go were recorded. I sent this last single to some of the record companies I would like to work with and I got lucky!
Now I have got both American and Swedish record companies waiting for more material, and I am really excited about going back to the studio to record some more.

More info at: www.myspace.com/angelicaredlund

Take Care //Angelica

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