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Aoeria (A-or-ee-uh) is an independent positive melodic rock band that creates songs from heavy riffs to acoustically strummed odes from the Long Island/New York City area. Frank Giliberti is the singer, guitarist and songwriter and Toby Bruzik, the newest member, plays drums. Aoeria's newly released 2nd album, Praise to All You Hear is now making waves and their first album Waterwheel has gathere...d fans worldwide on internet radio, video sites, and social networking with original songs and bandmade videos with Frank's photography. For more than 12 years each on their own, both Frank and Toby have played in and recorded NY-area bands, and with Aoeria a sound and unique style featuring intense guitar sounds, introspective lyrics and intricate melodies and rhythms culminate in the duo'scollective experiences with music. The band is completely independent: from the music, recording, and pictures, to pressing and designing CDs and DVDs and making websites and videos. Straight from the band, music made to head straight to the ear. Frank and Toby have been playing acoustic and electricshows NY and East Coast area which has allowed then to expand on the vibe of the songs by feeding off the energy in the crowd with improvisation and jamming to spread the melodies and tunes through the air. Thanks for listening and enjoy!