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Art Ruprecht from Missouri St. Louis

Artist History

“At The End Of The Day” is the 2008 smooth-jazz release from guitarist, Art Ruprecht.  Hailing from St. Louis, MO, his varied influences range from Ricky Scaggs to George Benson. To that end, it is no surprise that he is at home in myriad genres.  From the latin spice of “Elógielo”, to the swinging jazz waltz “Bear-Hug”, and introspective “Eternal Life”, the discerning musical palette is left more than satisfied. Blistering, yet tasteful guitar work overlay a lush funk/R&B bed in this collection of Art’s original works.
Since the first quarter of 2007, Art has had five songs air on The Weather Channel’s “Local On The Eights” segment, and is working with Platinum Music of Great Britain, The Music Library of  Studio City, California and has recently signed a deal with LGN Entertainment/Sony-BMG  for  worldwide digital distribution of  “At The End Of The Day”.
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"At The End Of The Day" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 22 Jun 2008 08:37 AM
"At The End Of The Day" by Art Ruprecht is an impressive guitar-driven contemporary jazz album brought to you by an accomplished guitarist. Art's style is a nice blend derived from several different genres. You'll notice right off the bat that the album is a bit on the funky side and there is also a Latin influence present throughout. Aside from being a great player, Art writes great arrangements. The songs are all well layered, have direction and all emit a pleasant feeling. The production quality is excellent and the songs are ready for airwaves. Highlights include the opener "Big Talker," which funks it up right out of the gates with a quirky arrangement and a big beat. "Bear-hug" is a smooth as silk, with a "floating on air" feel and great guitar solos. "Eternal Life" wraps things up nicely with a definite sense of closure and a really nice piano progression. If you enjoy jazz guitar greats such as George Benson, you’ll enjoy Art and this tremendous CD.
-William and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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