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Beobe Jones from Georgia Atlanta South

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About me:

Beobe is a Professional Musician/Music Producer/ Actor/Screenwriter. Presently working with George Clinton jr and the P-Funk Family(GCIII). He has/is working with the following: George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic, Live and Studio (10 years) Members of Kid Rocks Band, Starship, Bo Diddley(RIP),John Casiddy, Scott Free, Bernie Worrell(P-Funk/Talking Heads) Chris Hicks(Marshall Tucker/Outlaws) Larry G. Hudson Wayne Mills Band..... And more to come stay tuned.
Beobe just recorded "Momma" A song he wrote and produced in Nashville at Soundstage studios on Music Row.

Beobe is currently working on a movie script titled
" The Music Box" a dramatic comedy that will have you
Crying and laughing at the same time. A direct descendent of "Mark Twain”
Beobe has a different approach to creative writing. Also working with JaGoFF on some hot tracks.
Beobe worked on the Bernie Worrell album in Gainesville Fla.
Also working with Rome (Flava Flav's music producer among others) on some great tracks and blowing minds around the world by the thousands.
Beobe is working with the very talented TREYLEWD, (son of George Clinton), Scott Free (Band director for the late Bo Diddley and Bernie Worrell)on his new album which should be finishing up some time in Late 08.
Beobe Jones Blog
POSTED BY: beobejonesmusic POSTED ON: 20 Sep 2008 11:34 AM
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lyrics "Momma"

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