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Who Is The Black Madam
By Braden Peters

The music business often attempt to place artists into a box in order to market said artist to the public. But what happens when an artist emerges that cannot be bound by stereotypes or conventional logic? What happens when an artist is fully capable of singing, rapping and producing? What happens is she calls herself Black Madam and creates her own lane.

Surrounded by music her entire life Black Madam has run the gamut of styles from pop to R&B to rap and everything in between as evidenced by her previous work on the Sex Tapes and Sex, Drugs, Rock-N-Roll EP projects. However the Madam has switched gears to not only entertain but educate as well.

Unlike many artists, Black Madam is authentic. Her pseudonym is not just a title; it represents a life she has lived. Since deciding to pursue a career in music full time her hustle has changed but her swagger remains the same. “The term madam could be taken with several different distinctions but I prefer at this point to be a madam of enlightenment as opposed to a madam of a brothel,” she says.

Madam’s latest release “Come’ on In My Kitchen” is a surreal audio visual tale of the consequences of desire. The recently released video finds her playing the part of a woman who is so infatuated with a love interest that she’s willing to go as far as to delve into the mystical realm of Voodoo and Witchcraft to win his love. Madam says she caught the vibe to create the video after watching The Skeleton Key late one night. She wrote the treatment for the video and worked with clips director for 4 months perfecting her vision. The occult related overtones in the video mixed with the cliché subject of love and relationships are the perfect example of Black Madam’s ability to meld different worlds into one universal sound.

“Come’ on In My Kitchen” is also the world’s introduction to the new sound Madam will introduce on her debut album Tortured Lil’ Soul. The album’s title takes its cue from struggle balancing what is right and what pays the bills that Madam has lived with her entire adult life. “It always seems that when trying to be a good little catholic girl and walk the narrow road of righteousness everything that could ever go wrong does. Every door is slammed shut and money comes with such a struggle,” says Madam. “However, I can snap my finger when traveling the other road of not so nice, and everything I could ever want, need and desire is just waiting for me,” says Madam. “I want so bad to do the right thing, however when I hit my knees at times, it just doesn't seem like the creator hears me... thus, I am tortured to make these tough decisions when it comes to the comforts of my life here on earth, or glory after death.”

Madam will deliver her heartfelt thought provoking vision not only through song but also though videos on her debut. The multi-talented artist will release the ambitious effort complete with clips for each song, shot all over the world via her Wrath Entertainment label later this year.

The path that has lead her to finally live out her dreams was a different one than most. Throughout every stage in her life from college student to classically trained musician to the head of a lucrative “adult service company” and artist producer/manager to boot, the 28-year-old Philadelphia native Black Madam has held steadfast to her first love, music. “When I was six I begged my grandfather to buy me a typewriter, not to type but to make beats on because I didn’t know there was a beat machine that you could get,” says Madam.

Her knack for production led to become a skilled songwriter. At the young age of 13, she turned down a songwriting deal from legendary production duo Gamble and Huff because they did not want her to sing the advanced mature natured songs she was writing at such a young age.

Staying ahead of the curve is just how Madam lives her life. No person is one sided and the fact that she can exemplify sex appeal one minute and expose lies within our society the next is what separates her from her peers. “I Know, I've Seen, I'm Aware, and I am enlightened. However, my intentions are not the same as my brother's are, to hoard this knowledge for just myself. I intend to use my platform as Black Madam to enlighten the masses.

As you see, Madam has always been different and advanced. She is an undiscovered star with a wealth of knowledge, style and substance to offer the world.

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