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Bonny Ferrer from Germany
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Bonny Ferrer goes Latin soul...
With her wam, sexy voice, she casts a spell on every listener. Her songs are cheerful, light and full of feeling. Her lyrics romantic and moving. They speak of love, God and the search for inner peace. Through her music, Bonny Ferrer stirs the hearts and souls of her listeners. Her unmistakeable style is reflected in each one of her songs. The mixture of Latin and soul, inspired by her Spanish and African roots, leaves listeners swaying to the rhythm of the music and invites them to dance.
When the Afro-Spaniard, who grew up in Hamburg, reaches for the microphone, there’s always a hint of glamour in the air. She captures her audience with her naturalness, charm and temperament. She radiates a Latin joie de vivre mixed with a Hanseatic reserve.
Following countless arrangements and television appearances as a background singer for well-known acts such as Kim and Oceana, Young Denay and Princessa and after featuring as one of the main voices on James Last’s “New Party Classics”, she published songs on various compilations (Brazilution, The Best of Syke ´n´ Sugarstarr, Ibiza Loungin´, Smoove Moves, Kultur spiegel and many more). But the Ghanaian-born singer’s real passion is her own music: Latin soul.
Bonny Ferrer expresses her very essence on her current CD “de dentro hacía fuera”: from the inside out. Revealing her innermost self. Inspired by artists such as Sade, Gloria Estefan and Marcela Morelo, she sings about true stories dictated by life. Deep and meaningful lyrics, skilfully packaged in light compositions. Listening is a pleasure. It is music that truly leaves its mark. The creative Piscean has almost all her instrumentalists playing live, giving the listener the feeling they are at one of her concerts.

Bonny Ferrer Blog
  "De Dentro Hacia Fuera" Reviewed by RadioIndy!
POSTED BY: disturbed3003 POSTED ON: 21 May 2010 08:24 AM

The latest album by Bonny Ferrer is, “De Dentro Hacia Fuera,” and is an enticing blend of Latin/Soul music. The talented singer Ferrer takes her Spanish and African roots and crafts memorable arrangements that are appealing and melodic. The song, “Agonía,” demonstrates just how gifted Ferrer is as her voice is sweet and flows with elegant style and grace. If you’re looking to hear something that is uplifting, warm, and inviting then the song, “Daily Prayer,” is just what you need as the lyrics are thought provoking and sincere. Take a plunge into the vibrant syncopated beats of, “Estrella de Mar,” as this song incorporates a bright horn section that swirls around Ferrer’s charming and sophisticated vocals. The entertaining album, “De Dentro Hacia Fuera,” is brimming with light and airy Latin/Soul music and is an album you will surely enjoy.

-Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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  New CD Blast From RadioIndy!
POSTED BY: radioindy POSTED ON: 12 May 2010 01:45 PM

 Bonny Ferrer: De Dentro Hacia Fuera

Cheerful songs, light and full of feeling. Lyrics romantic and moving. A great mixture of Latin and Soul! Genre: Latin: Latin Soul Release Date: 2010

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