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Braeden Marshal from Canada British Columbia

Artist History

With two generations of talent making up this tight, hard-rocking trio -Braeden Marshal- Canada's Father/Sons rock trio. Lead man Joel Wiggers' slick guitar riffs and energetic vocals slide perfectly into the grooves of his musically-gifted sons, drummer Brayden, 17 and bassist Marshall, 19, who lay down the solid foundation for their eponymous band. The energy that radiates from the brothers - Marshall's smooth, melodic, "in the pocket" bass-lines and hard-hitting natural percussionist Brayden's fluid dynamics - show skill that goes beyond their years.
Their authentic, down-to-earth sound has consistently wowed their audiences, while sharing the stage with artists such as Headpins, Prism, Daniel Wesley, The Left, Krome, Alyssa Reid, Synapse, Vince Vaccaro, Neverest and State of Shock.
You can also find many of their videos on Youtube and download their music on iTunes. They are set to release their newest CD in May 2012, which they have been recording over the last 18 months, with mixer/producer Andre Wahl (client list including: Pink Floyd, Rush, 54-40, Kim Mitchell...)
Prism's - Al Harlow (lead guitar/vocals)
March 22nd, 2012
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It was a year ago. Prism played a date at a Port Alberni club on Vancouver Island with a local opening band. The band, a trio consisting of a father and his two sons, was unforgettable. "Braeden Marshal" is Joel Wiggers on Telecaster and lead vocals, with his sons Brayden, 15 years old at the time, on drums, and brother Marshall, then 17, on bass.
Some bands seem deserving. These guys have that quality, knowing where the groove is, how to lay into it, make it sound simple, easy, yet disciplined, relentless in focus. It's adhering to that magic place where the song and the playing lock up together. Their songs are deceptively simple, but powerful, anthem-like. Joel is youthful enough as it is, fronting and singing with passion. All of us in our band stood in admiration at the groove these guys put out, in disbelief that the rhythm section are sooo young. Mom was backstage with baby sister, sleeping while the band rocked. They're all great, warm people. The band deserves success in this crowded, hard to reach world. If you get the opportunity to see & support Braeden Marshal, do it. I think you'll agree.

Ryan Mennie
Music Director
Island Radio
Division of Jim Pattison Broadcast Group
WOW! That's the shortest way I can sum up what I thought after listening to "Breaking". And now just 60 seconds into "Don't Cry" I'm again thoroughly impressed. Great stuff, and definitely our format on The Eagle. Now the tough decision is which song to feature next week on our new music show First Flight!

Braeden Marshal Blog
Down to the wire
POSTED BY: Braeden Marshal POSTED ON: 15 Apr 2012 02:57 PM
Well folks...we are down to the last day to send in our graphics and songs to be pressed. CD release date is getting closer and closer! So excited to share the two year long project. We will be doing our first canadian tour this summer with dates and locations tba. We will be sure to include lots of all ages venues. Let us know where you live and hopefully we can include your city in our tour! Let us know what your favorite songs are as well. For more upto date info join our facebook fan page, subcribe to our youtube and of course buy our music on iTunes. Thank you, we love your support and hope to meet you all this summer:)

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