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burkhardmahler from Germany
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Artist History


Burkhard Mahler – Ten years of independent Fusion


Burkhard Mahler has been working in Munich, Germany as an independent musician, composer and producer since 10 years, having released about 20 albums. He is playing guitar and keyboard.


Since the album “Junction 166” he works with singers and artists as there are:

Renée R. Langer (vocals), David Seinsche (vocals, lyrics), Peter Schickling (guitars, saxophone), Franz Brunner (saxophone), Johnny Guitar (guitars, vocals),

Ligita Zeile (vocals), Stephan Leitz( lyrics), Anabelle Lachatte (lead- and backingvocals, lyrics), just to mention a few.


Mahler wants to bring unusual music such as Fusion, Lounge-Ambient-Chillout and contemporary Classical stuff besides the mainstream to the people. Mahler looks upon music as art and communication:

He creates original music differentiating itself clearly from scores, which are defined as a strategic consumer product





In September 2008 he releases with the support of EMG-Records the Album “The Fusion Lounge II”, containing Fusion-Jazz-Rock-Pop music.

Since Fusion Lounge Mahler works with a machine for test, which generates music by accident after programming the wanted harmonies. Examples on

“Fusion Lounge II” are Gerd´s Machine 2 and 3 and Latenightflow Jazzrap from the album “The Fusion Lounge”.

Again with EMG-Records Mahler publishes “The Fusion Rap” in December 2008 containing new musicstyles. The lyrics are traditional Kingstyle Rap and rhymes by the DADA-artists of Germany and New York from the early twenties of last century to contemporary. Vocals on this record are from Mahler, Anabelle Lachatte, Amedeo de Rosa and from samples.

In 2009 there is published a club-mix of “The Fusion Rap” called

“Fusions Eleven”.

The next album “The New Creatures - Jim Morrison Poetry Slam”, published January 2010, is featuring lyrics from Jim Morrison´s (The Doors) book “The Lords and the New Creatures” which is written around 1969.

Singers, male and female, honour Jim Morrison as a poet in music.

Some are of Morrison´s generation, some are younger (see also review by moderator Andreas Köhler at www.fusionoderso.de)

It is possible to buy Mahler´s albums at all major downloadstores such as Amazon.com, Napster, I-tunes, Musicload etc.


Right now Burkhard Mahler is busy in playing and forming with his opera “Rabengold” to come.






burkhardmahler Blog
  New Album for free
POSTED BY: burkhardmahler POSTED ON: 31 Jan 2012 02:30 PM

LIBRE presentan


New album LIBRE presentan by Burkhard Mahler for free





  "Chaos And Harmony" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: disturbed3003 POSTED ON: 28 Aug 2011 09:57 AM

You will be mesmerized by the brilliant collection of Electronic/Virtual Orchestra music on the magnificent album, “Chaos And Harmony,” by Burkhard Mahler. This CD has a fantastic blend of unusual musical styles which Mahler, who is a talented musician, composer, and producer, creatively blends Fusion, Lounge/Ambient, and Contemporary Classical to shape this well crafted album. The opener, “Dreammachine 1,” has a rich musical complexity while the industrial pulses groove with a sweet and dreamy tonality. The songs, “Aint Playin (feat. Korrupt Dialect)” and “Goin On (feat. New Sense)” have a Hip Hop rhythmic groove that flows with a magical style. “Bach 22” is finely orchestrated song that has a Classical tonality and is splashed with gripping guitar hooks. If you are looking for an album that has a mix of artistic musical styles, then the superb CD, “Chaos And Harmony,” is just what you need to hear.

-Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
Check out Burkhard Mahler's music on RadioIndy.com with link to purchase and links to popular sites

  Burkhard Mahler: Chaos And Harmony
POSTED BY: radioindy POSTED ON: 12 Aug 2011 08:34 PM

Burkhard Mahler: Chaos And Harmony
Following “Fusion White Classics” from March 2010, Mahler´s new album presents algorithmically randomized and chaotic music creations combined with all current rules of harmony in virtual orchestration, as well as real played analogue music recordings.
Genre: Electronic: Virtual Orchestra
Release Date: 2011

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