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Capital B from Canada

Artist History

“Drenched-in-sweat-and-emotion”, Capital B’s instinctive song-writing talents, powerful lyrics & passionate guitar styling create a unique, signature sound.

Capital B Blog
"Cocktails by the Dumpster" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 19 Apr 2008 03:36 PM
"Cocktails by the Dumpster" by Capital B is filled with clever lyrics and wicked electric blues guitar. This is a definite fun party CD. What makes this album unique is superior musicianship and really funny lyrics. Thank you Canada! We love to laugh while we're rockin'. There is an excellent blues rock groove throughout this CD. Highlights are "That's Right (I Got My Babe)," which has a grooving rolling bass line, great guitar fills and just plain pumps. "She Won't Stay" has a nice crunchy rhythm guitar, a thick beat and gritty, naughty vocals. "Let it Go (You Skanky-Ho)" is an outright laugh-fest. Musically, you'll experience another tight rhythm section as well as some nice Sax work. If you enjoy bluesy rock and clever, funny lyrics, grab a cold one and pop this one in.
-William and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Bio- 'n - more
POSTED BY: Brian McPhillips POSTED ON: 26 Mar 2008 10:42 PM

Capital B is Canadian musician

Brian McPhillips.

His life experiences compel him to perform his own original music. 

He does so with dedication, confidence and courage, the courage required to perform his own original music and by doing so bare his life and his soul to a room full of strangers.  It’s a calling and a craft. …

“Drenched-in-sweat-and-emotion”, Capital B’s instinctive song-writing talents, powerful lyrics & passionate guitar styling create a unique, signature sound which Ottawa Life Magazine says is a, “Best Pick” & that he has been, “Hailed as A MUSICAL SENSATION by Eric Clapton himself.”

Capital B began at the age of 17 by performing out-of-town and local venues until he was 25. He has toured the area extensively, playing clubs and bars in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Peterborough, and Montreal. In Ottawa, his home town, he played many of the prime venues of the day including the Ottawa House and the Chaudière Club (Downstairs at the Green Door), as well as many other clubs. He twice performed at Canada's National Arts Center, once in the world renowned N.A.C. Opera House and, in August of 1973, a week-long booking in the NAC theatre.

But…  At the age of 25 he quit music entirely, selling all his guitars and musical gear. Instead, he pursued a career as a television cameraman, working as a freelancer for several local broadcasters including CBOT, CJOH, Global Television, CBC, CTV, and Parliamentary News Services, as well as several local production companies.

These years held many struggles for this talented singer songwriter.

In 1995, after a 20-year absence from the music scene in Ottawa he bought a Fender Stratocaster and began to re-learn his instrument in a Blues Style.  Brian began writing his own original tunes, wrought from many years of real-life experience. 

Artistically he decided he must be his own person, not a ‘cover-tune-cardboard-cut-out’.

Since returning to the Ottawa music scene 12 years ago after a two-decade ‘retirement’, he has consistently set his bar for quality original material at a very high level.

For example: At Canada's largest outdoor music festival Ottawa’s Bluesfest, Capital B’s MAIN STAGE set consisted of 10 tunes, of which nine were his own originals.

His second CD ‘Completely Blue for You’& his Third CD 'Cocktails by the Dumpster' were nominated for the preliminary judging for the “Best Blues Album” & 'Songwriter of the Year categories in the 2005 and 2008 Canadian music industry' were so impressed that they now frequently play Capital B music on their programs. 

After years of, "being on the outside looking in", Capital B has found that the key to his rediscovery of music and lyrics was, and is, inside him and is drawn from his own personal journey.

Whether the mood is bluesy, up-tempo, …rockin’ or laid-back, "smooth grooves" and "strong lyrics" are the comments most frequently used by audiences when they’re describing Capital B.


The OTTAWA SUN Says: his efforts merit, “Three and a Half ‘Suns’ out of four”

“Quality Musicianship”!!.. ..“Well Written Songs”…“Capital B the Equal of Established Blues Musicians”! …“There is Everything to LIKE”, “Capital B’s Strong Voice is his #1 Asset”.



“Voice like ‘Long’ John Baldry”,

“Real Strength”, “a Fine Baritone Voice”, “Strong Original Blues Songs”  & “A variety of Styles”.


OTTAWA X-PRESS ;“His songs Shine”, “a voice like a fortified David Wilcox” “Liberal Guitar licks, in tasteful fashion”, “Solid”, “impressive performances”.

Listen to all three CD clips at:



Capital B really is “drenched-in-sweat-and-emotion - Rock & urban Blues”, his very real instinctive song-writing talents, and his passionate guitar styling create a very unique sound. His signature sound, along with powerful lyrics is defined and delivered with intense sincerity and emotion by his strong expressive voice.   He didn’t choose Music - Music chose him.

Listen to all three CDs clips at:



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