Carol of Harvest
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The Band: 

Voices, lyrics: Ewa Grams

Ewa is born 1972 in Poland.
She was singing already in a schoolchoir and in a chanti – ensemble.
Singing always was her passion.
She was 21 when she married and came to Germany.
The first years were very hard, cause she could not speak or understand the German language. She was working in her learned profession as a nurse.
After sepperation from her husband in 2001, sha was living without any firm partnership fort he next 7 years, close to Frankfurt.
In that time a lot of acquantances and good friends accompanied her on her way – thanks to all of them! Without those persons she would not become the girl, she is now – open and full of joy.
And though she did not sing for a too long time, music was always with her and inside she knew, that one day somebody would come into her life, who beleaves in her and in her voice – that`s me.
Since autumn 2007 we live together happily in a small house in Cadolzburg, between Ansbach and Nürnberg.

Voices, lyrics, guitars, keyboards, programming: Axel Schmierer

I was 1957 in Stuttgart and I started to play guitar at the age of 15.
My profession is Dipl.Soz.Päd.(FH) and non-medical practitioner.
The last few years I also absolved a training in rebirthing.
In autumn 2008 I will open my own praxis in Cadolzburg – Yeah!
I am a proud father of 3 already grown up children. David, Merlin and Lisa – they are the best I have done in my life.
After 22 years I am separated from my wife (Christine you are a wonderful woman).
This was a very difficulty time, but somehow we felt so alone in our relationship.
I could not go on anymore.
Music ist the only constant thing in my life – the red thread running with me through all this years.
It does not matter how I feel – it carries and enriches me.
„Music ist the axe fort he frozen sea inside of us“.