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Purchases at CD Baby. NEW RELEASE:  "LIVING OFF THE GRID" (featuring Dee Daniels, Stu Hamm, Jim Cox, Pat Mastelotto, John Stowell and more!)  is available for purchase/listening at: Presently in top 100 jazz acts for U.S. & Canada, lively jazz/blues diva Cheryl Hodge recently received the award for BEST JAZZ SONG, 2013 (Hollywood Music In Media Awards), on Nov. 21, 2013 at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood.  She recently completed a tour promoting her brand new 2014 CD:  “One Day When I Wasn't Looking”, with Northwest greats: guitarists John Stowell & Brian Cunningham, saxman Josh Cook, bassist Dave Captein and drummer Charlie Doggett.  The CD is a submission for the 2015 Grammys. Currently, with a new jazz single (“Tree People”) released from her 2014 CD, along with hits from her previous Blues 2011 CD, "Roots Don't Lie", this jazz/blues/R&B celeb is one busy woman. Hollywood critic Jim DeCicco (of the Hollywood Music In Media Awards) called her Blues recording: "A masterfully produced contemporary (Chicago) jazz/blues release that is fresh and vivid. World class performances and arrangements – a must for any true music lover's collection."

Still enjoying some success from her 2007 jazz release, "INDIGO", featuring Cheryl along with guitar great, John Stowell, Juno winner Brad Turner on trumpet, Tom Colclough on sax, along with a host of musical phenoms; Downbeat critic, Bob Protzman said of Indigo: "In the seemingly eternal debate about who or what is or isn't a jazz singer, anybody with ears would without hesitation and with great enthusiasm cite Cheryl Hodge as the real thing." 

Hodge is the winner of the GRINDIE Award ( She's been featured as an "emerging artist" of the month, on Coast to Coast AM Radio with George Noory. She is also the author of "A Singer's Guide to the WellTrained & Powerful Voice". She served for 8 years on voice faculty at Berklee College of Music, and for 21 years at Selkirk College in Nelson, BC

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     Cheryl is a headliner and adjudicator at several jazz festivals, including the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Fest, Envision Jazz Fest (the largest educational jazz festival in Canada), and the internationally acclaimed Kaslo Jazz Fest, in 2010. She has been a top ten artist in jazz charts for ‘09 with songs: “Indigo” and “Guide to Recovery”, "Give In", "Do You", and "Adios" from ‘09 Indigo Album. Hodge is a gifted pianist and isn’t afraid to visit the outer stretches of “scatting” (vocal jazz improvisation); yet loves singing Blues and R&B (think Etta James). Cheryl taught Voice at Boston’s Berklee College of Music; currently head of Voice/Songwriting at Selkirk College in Nelson, B.C. Cheryl Hodge is also the author of "A Singer’s Guide to the Well-Trained and Powerful Voice".




The Reviews are now in for Cheryl's 2011 Party/Blues CD:  "ROOTS DON'T LIE":

"A masterfully produced contemporary [Chicago] jazz/blues release that is fresh and vivid. World class performances and arrangements - A must for any true music lover's collection."  
Jim DeCicco - Hollywood Music in Media Awards


"INDIGO" just received a nomination for "BEST JAZZ SONG" at the HMMAs (Hollywood Music In Media Awards)!  The Cheryl Hodge Group is making a name in the U.S. & Canada (top 20 in Canada for Jazz, today, as I write this - Thanks to ALL of you for making this possible!)  You can help us go all the way to #1 by going to:  The Cheryl Hodge Fan Club at Reverbnation.We've gone this far together - I'd love to get all the way to the top of the Canadian heap!  

"In the seemingly eternal debate about who or what is or isn't a jazz singer, anybody with ears would without hesitation and with great enthusiasm cite CHERYL HODGE as the REAL THING!" - Bob Protzman, Downbeat writer; NPR host: "Everything Jazz" 

"Hodge has a striking voice.  Her range is impressive...." - Kyle O'Brien, Jazz Society of Oregon

"Her 8ve leaps and pitch-perfect landings evoke Portland great Nancy King..." -  The Oregonian, Lynn Darroch 

About recent releases, "Souvenir", "Blues Woman", and "Indigo" ('09 Releases), her other CDs, & her book:

This is exciting news:  The 2010 Tour is about to begin!! I've been chosen as one of the "emerging artists" of the month, on COAST TO COAST AM Radio with George Noory!  The song played is "THAT'S WHY I'M HERE", and is available for listeneing/purchase on my site, OR at CDBaby:

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Her 9 CDs include: (2009) Souvenir, Indigo, Blues Woman; (2007)- Here's Or Theres (with John Stowell) (2006)- Original Article (2003)- Live & Alive (1997)- Strings, Necks & C(h)ords (1990)- (Tonight I'm Wearing) Basic Black