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Chris Manning from Texas Dallas

Artist History

Guitar-Oriented Instrumentals

Chris Manning is a Dallas-based guitarist, song writer, and session player. As an artist with a wide-variety of musical tastes, Chris' music remains difficult to categorize. Heavily influenced by rock heavy weights Jimi Hendrix, King's X, Deep Purple, Joe Satriani, and George Lynch as well as new age artist Craig Chaquico, Chris' style balances technique and melody. To date, he has released three guitar-oriented instrumental CD's spanning multiple genres.

Symmetry (2009)

Symmetry is Manning's third release and represents his best work to date. Always a master of balancing technique with melody, he expands his sound yet again to produce a true instrumental rock release. It is a culmination of many of his influences, which range from Joe Satriani and George Lynch to King's X and guitar god Jimi Hendrix. Symmetry is a great mix of hard rock, metal, and of course melodic riffs.

"Devildogs", a song dedicated to the U.S. Marines, opens the disc with ferocious drums, a thunderous bass groove, and shredding guitar solos. "Purple Funk" features the funk element present in later incarnations of Deep Purple, and was co-written with Doug Raines. "Walking With the Dead" is the heaviest track on the disc, and has a Black Sabbath meets Alice in Chains vibe. Chris puts a modern twist on the classic Kiss song "Strange Ways", which is the lone vocal track on the disc. "I grew up on Kiss, and like many players my age, Ace Frehley was a huge influence". "Waiting" is a haunting tune written about the experience of waiting for a loved one to return from the war in Afghanistan.

Guitar Player Magazine Feature (2008)

The December 2008 issue of Guitar Player magazine featured Chris Manning and the song "Journey to Tomorrow" from The Road Back: "This is a beautifully wistful song, built upon a bed of undulating acoustics. Manning exhibits great restraint-and good musical judgement-by limiting the guitar riffs, and letting a haunting piano carry the melody." - Michael Molenda, Editor Guitar Player Magazine

Forever November (2004)

While his first release, The Road Back, definitely belongs in the New Age genre, his second release, Forever November, is more difficult to place in a single genre. While Forever November contains much more electric guitar than The Road Back, it also featured more of a rock edge in the guitar tone. However, fans of The Road Back will enjoy Forever November, as Chris' signature style and sound is still very evident. Keyboard extraordinaire Christopher Sanderson returns to again contribute both as a musician as well as a song writer. This release is a worthy successor to The Road Back and offers fans of rock, funk, and new age music a unique listening experience.

The Road Back (2000)

His first release The Road Back was an immediate success. At the time, the web site mp3.com was the place to go to hear independent artists and Chris took advantage of that, landing two songs, "Mystic Dreams" and "Once in a Lifetime", in the top 20 in the New Age charts. Shortly thereafter, Chris was chosen as the featured artist of the month on InstrumentalMusic.com, and The Road Back was also featured. Rave reviews continued with Chris featured on Guitar Nine Records' "The Undiscovered Talent", a spotlight for up and coming guitarists. The review stated: "The guitarist never overplays; his outbursts of speed (as found on "Mystic Dreams", among others) are purposefully limited and timed to deliver maximum emotional impact." Nashville musician, Christopher Sanderson was another key element to it's success, performing all keyboards as well as contributing to song writing as well.

1994 - 1999

In addition to spending two years touring and recording with the rock group Dvinity, Chris was the guitarist for Dallas favorite Savant. Chris was also a founding member of Dallas metal band Faithbomb and contributed primarily on their studio work, both as a guitarist as well as a bassist. Other career highlights include opening for national acts such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Andy Timmons, King's X, and Dangerous Toys.

Chris Manning Blog
"Forever November" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 20 Dec 2008 09:26 PM
Chris Manning has created a memorable collection of guitar-oriented instrumentals with his new release “Forever November.” He layers guitar parts brilliantly throughout the entire album, crafting songs that are beautiful, edgy and exceptionally melodic. Manning giftedly blends his clean guitar sound with piano on the pleasing “Salutations” and the enjoyable “Crystallize,” which also includes a nice string arrangement. Listen to his more edgy side on the title track “Forever November,” the grooving “Stratosphere” and the aggressive “Planet ReGroove,” where Manning weaves his skillful guitar parts over a solid feel provided by electric bass and drums. Although Manning’s mastery of the guitar is clearly evident, he plays very fitting and appropriate lines, never sacrificing the beauty of the composition for the sake of displaying technique. “Song for Carol” is a particularly beautiful ballad, with Manning shaping and superbly blending wonderful harmonies and melodies. “Forever November” is an impressive release that will be enjoyed by fans of highly melodic instrumental rock in the vein of guitar heroes such as Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson.
-Rodney and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
Check out Chris Manning's music on RadioIndy.com with link to purchase and links to popular sites

Chris Manning Press Release on Digg.com!
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Chris Manning on iTunes!
POSTED BY: Babbbullon POSTED ON: 11 Feb 2009 10:02 PM


RadioIndy is pleased to announced that we have published our CD Review with Chris Manning's music to iTunes.com. 

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Chris Manning featured in the December issue of Guitar Player Magazine
POSTED BY: cgtrman POSTED ON: 30 Nov 2008 07:26 AM

I was selected to appear in Guitar Player magazine based on a song from my first CD, The Road Back. Michael Molenda, the editor of GP reviewed "Journey to Tomorrow":

"This is a beautifully wistful song, built upon a bed of undulating acoustics. Manning exhibits great restraint-and good musical judgement-by limiting the guitar riffs, and letting a haunting piano carry the melody. Sadly, he breaks the spell around 3:00 with a somewhat off-kilter, jazzy interlude. First thought, best thought?"

- Michael Molenda, Editor Guitar Player Magazine

This is one of my favorite songs from The Road Back and it was co-written with Christopher Sanderson, the keyboardist who appears on the track.

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