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Corey Webb from South Carolina South Charleston

Artist History

Corey Webb is an acoustic folk-rock singer/songwriter. Songs are literature mostly interpreting man's relationship with nature and a push to save the world. As his music has grown over the last few years his taste has taken to an edgier, lifting sound. He is currently a Music Theory/Composition major in college. All material is self-produced.
Corey Webb Blog
Review in the paper!
POSTED BY: coreywebb POSTED ON: 10 Mar 2007 11:46 AM
Local music Corey Webb - "The Greater Good Movement" - (Independent) (B+) I always love it when some poor sap on the next bar stool laments the state of music in the Lowcountry. No sooner does the sad sack start whining, when I swing into action. Carrie Ann Hearst, Leslie, Steve Hit Mike, A Decent Animal - I could go on and on about great local bands. To anyone who says that Charleston doesn't have an original array of musical offerings, I say you're simply not listening. The latest bullet in my clip of ammo who used to silence the naysayers is Corey Webb. The local musician's independent release, "The Greater Good Movement," is a wonderful mix of folk, world and acoustic rock, with a touch of stage musical flair. The track I keep going back to is "Carnivala," a playful tune that sounds as if it should be played by a medieval minstrel. Other great material includes Middle Eastern-tinged "Huckleberry Me," as well as the almost all instrumental "Leh Niah." The tune "New World Order" sounds as if it comes from some clever off-Broadway show. According to his bio, Webb is studying music theory and composition. If this is the sort of stuff that is floating through his head, Webb would be better off teaching the same. Download These: "Carnivala," "Huckleberry Me," "New World Order" -Devin Grant of The Post and Courier's Preview

"The Greater Good Movement" Review by RadioIndy.com
POSTED BY: xavierpersad POSTED ON: 11 Feb 2007 03:04 PM
"The Greater Good Movement" is a very creative and impressive singer/songwriter CD. The songwriting on this CD strikes a nice balance of being original with changing styles, while being melodic with interesting counter melodies. The production and musicianship are pro quality, with the guitar work being especially noteworthy. Some of the songs and lyrics have a theatrical flavor to them. One of our favorite tracks is "Huckleberry Me," with its Flamenco/latin-style guitar riffs nicely welded into an adult rock song. The CD even includes a more folk-traditional banjo song with "Leh Naih." "Wonderful Again" has the elements of an adult rock hit, with a very memorable chorus. If you enjoy singer/songwriter adult rock/pop artists such as Jason Mraz, you will enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today.
-RadioIndy.com Staff
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