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Crowhop from New York Long Island

Artist History

Curt Maher studied briefly with Jordan Rudess
of Dream Theater on the fundamentals of music synthesis and sculpting sound.
Following, a long study at the Westchester Conservatory of
Music, majoring in Classical Concert Piano,
and Jazz on full scholarship. Curt also studied with
Eleanor Nelson, Michael Poland, Dorothy Jonas, Larry Agavino,
Jean Vandersal and Milton Kraus,
for continued classical training and sharpening.
Since then, He has given several
benefit concerts, community arts center concerts, attended
the Levels Jazz Ensemble and performed live with them as
well as many other musical engagements and various performances over many years.
Curt has also produced for many local NYC artists in many styles
including R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Techno, and Trance mixes.
Give Curt's demo a listen, it is good imagery
music to kick back and relax to after work, and very dreamy.
The music of 'Crowhop' Flight To Freedom is intense, hard
hitting, and technical, yet puts the listener in another place
far away in one's deepest imagination.
Dave Allen was a child prodigy and now a musical
genious. Curt met Dave in Conesus ny in 2002.
Got together and did some recording in winter 2006.
The result was Island Paradise, give the track a listen
it is very special!
Crowhop Blog
Crowhop (Curt Maher) New Artist On The Block
POSTED BY: wiccanhexx POSTED ON: 26 Feb 2007 08:35 PM
Give this new music a good listen. Kick back on the sofa, crank
up the stereo to a safe but adequate level, and relax.

Curt's latest music (presented here) is music that soars
through the night like the wind beneath a midnight moon...
and if you listen closely, you might hear the sound of darkness...

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