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Dancetime With Linda & Roland from California

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Hello - This is Dancetime With Linda & Roland, now Dancetime With Linda as Roland passed away on Oct 3, 2007. The music continues. I play music for ballroom dancing in the Los Angeles area. My style is rather unique as I use a Roland V Accordion with midi. Yes, ACCORDION. Hey don't laugh. Try it, you might like it.
I am originally from Iowa- yes, a farm girl. Came out to California in 1984 with my partner at the time, Glen Kelley. We managed to make a good living playing music for ballroom dancing for seniors mostly. Our clientele is usually over 60 but would love to see young people get into dancing.
Some of my favorite venues from past and present are:
San Gabriel Elks
Seal Beach Leisure World
Laguna Woods Leisure World
Los Feliz Dance Club
Burbank Legion
El Dorado Dance Club
Paramount Dance Club
The list is endless. I even appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson back in 1987. Did a stint on a crusie ship. Back variety acts on several tours across the country. Found that our calling was ballroom dance venues here in the Los Angeles area.
Been having a great life.
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Welcome music lovers
POSTED BY: accordionlinda POSTED ON: 04 Feb 2008 12:30 AM
This is Dancetime With Linda & Roland. Check out our cd's at cdbaby.com. I have to tell you that my love, my best friend and my partner, Roland, passed away on October 3, 2007 from a heart attack. The music however continues as he would want - Dancetime With Linda. I play music for ballroom dancing in the Los Angeles area. I use a Roland V Accordion, the latest electronic accordion. You just got to listen. It is like no other accordion you have heard. It also has midi capabilities which I am using. Sit back and enjoy.

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