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David Wyatt Sr. from California Los Angeles

Artist History

Honesty and raw emotion are at the center bulk of David Wyatt musical style.
This California native is the youngest of 7 and is truly a product of music. His brothers were a part of the 1960's era, singing all across the country opening with star groups such as Nat King Cole Trio, The Platters, and the Coasters. His brothers musical and entertaining influences have been running deep within him since he was a young boy. As a young boy he grew up playing in local bands and from that point he realized that God had given him a talent he could not deny. As an young boy, he continues to use those early influences by playing keyboards in local community groups. Starting out a part of the Fresno, CA Gospel scene, which landed him with The Supreme Jubilees. This allowed him to travel the country as his brothers did, sharing the stage with many different gospel artists, such The Mighty Clouds of Joy. Being able to be apart of this element, caused him to push his musical talents further by singing and songwriting.
David Wyatt Sr. Blog
David Wyatt Sr.
POSTED BY: David Wyatt Sr POSTED ON: 30 Jun 2008 07:53 PM
David Wyatt Sr. transcends categories. One of contemporary music's most celebrated performers, the keyboards continues to be a mainstay in the worlds of pop, funk, fusion, and of course jazz. The thoughtful, down-to-earth musician was born in Fresno on September 04,1954. Growing up in that churning musical caldron, David was transfixed by all kinds of music. "From the time I was 8 years old and my Mom took me to Gospel Music Center, I wanted to play both jazz and rock," he recalls. "Fusion, for me, was the best worlds," he adds. "Yet in the end, I opted for the more sophisticated sounds of jazz and its harmonics, rhythms and melodies. That need to explore led me to Jazz music, which became a major part of my life as well. While pursuing his private lesson at gospel music, which included lessons with Johnny Salatino and Jerry Carr, David rose rapidly through the ranks at a young age. In 1974, David traveled extensively with the popular group Black Fur. In 1976, David's solo career was launched with First Course. Since then, while exploring a variety of styles and grooves, he's enjoyed a broad and ever growing fan base with an approach at once accessible and artistic. David's universal appeal starts with his resonant signature sound. It's mellow, and it sings and soars, even on bop pish romps like the turbo-charged "4 on 6." Then, there's his fluid phrasing. David cross-cuts between episodes that throb and episodes that float. Indeed, there's a synesthetic dimension in David's music -- in his playing, compositions, and producing -- that is intensely visual. Because his music is open and breathes deeply, it invites us in. In the process, we too, participate by adding our own moods, emotions, and stories. If one is measured by the company one keeps, David’s family of peers starts with the world famous Platters too Nate King Cole. David’s brothers were great musicians Indeed, a quick perusal of credits reveals a roster of family all-stars. Among the great talents who have worked with David are Dennis Dove, Jeff Henry, Demerits Collins, William Barnett, Duane Goldberg and his nephews Donn Wyatt, and Kevin Wyatt At the center, of course, is David Wyatt, keyboard extraordinaire, the veritable straw stirring the drinks. So whether you're a long-standing fan or a newcomer, sit back and enjoy. It's Wyatt Time!

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