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Escoto & Simon from New York New York City

Artist History

Based in New York City, Escoto & Simon Group has developed from a life-long collaboration between two guitarists Astor Escoto (Honduras) and Martin Simon (Slovakia). In a band history of ESG, the two leaders found a unique way to collaborate without compromising each other's artistic vision and style. Escoto's rich harmonic material and syncopated guitar rhythms are fully colored by Simon's compositional craft and clear-cut melodies. Their music incorporates jazz, rumba, samba, classical and flamenco rhythms.

" Escoto's & Simon's guitar work in Collage is a short exercise in beauty."

"...terrifically blended...with amazing chemistry...perfectly captures certain essences of the world."

" An emotional range like that, especially for an instrumental album, is very impressive and should be commended."

" One of the best contemporary world guitar albums of the decade."

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Escoto & Simon Blog
"Collage" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: disturbed3003 POSTED ON: 24 Jul 2011 06:17 PM

The fantastic duo, Escoto & Simon, release a fabulous World Fusion album, “Collage.” This pair really knows how to create some splendid, easy listening music as you will hear the musical styles of Jazz, Rumba, Samba, Classical, and Flamenco. Their talents on the guitar are not only breathtaking but one can hear how well they hypnotically bond together. Opening up the album, “Toque Latino,” has a nice free flowing rhythm and catches your ear with its delightful melody. “Landscape,” is a song that paints a musical picture of a warm and sunny place with peaceful surroundings. The title track, “Collage,” is delicate and dreamy as this duo performs with an elegant and classy style. The marvelous World Fusion album, “Collage,” is the perfect CD for relaxing mood music and is definitely one you will thoroughly enjoy.

-Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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