Escoto & Simon
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Based in New York City, Escoto & Simon Group has developed from a life-long collaboration between two guitarists Astor Escoto (Honduras) and Martin Simon (Slovakia). In a band history of ESG, the two leaders found a unique way to collaborate without compromising each other's artistic vision and style. Escoto's rich harmonic material and syncopated guitar rhythms are fully colored by Simon's compositional craft and clear-cut melodies. Their music incorporates jazz, rumba, samba, classical and flamenco rhythms.

" Escoto's & Simon's guitar work in Collage is a short exercise in beauty."

"...terrifically blended...with amazing chemistry...perfectly captures certain essences of the world."

" An emotional range like that, especially for an instrumental album, is very impressive and should be commended."

" One of the best contemporary world guitar albums of the decade."

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