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Favorite Shape Triangle from California Los Angeles
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Artist History

•••Originally founded as a solo project for singer-songwriter Aaron Ruffcorn, over the years Favorite Shape Triangle developed into a highly collaborative four-man band. In April 2013, however, the Milwaukee-based FST live project was retired, and Ruffcorn returned to his solo studio projects.

•••Ruffcorn founded FST in Iowa City, IA, circa 1999. Many years and demo albums later, FST released two solo LP's: FAVORITE SHAPE TRIANGLE (2007) and AGAINST TIME (2009). A third solo album is in the works; PRISMATIC is slated for release in 2014.

•••Back In 2010, Ruffcorn rounded up a supporting band to bring FST live. Over the course of its three years as a four-piece, FST played the local scene with success; with performances at Summerfest, Steel Bridge Songfest, Up & Under's Battle of the Bands (2012 Winners), and a live radio show on WMSE 91.7FM. In 2011, FST released an EP; recorded live, with no overdubs, BEAUTIFUL HARM was engineered by Sam Farrar.

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