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Filly Astro from Canada British Columbia

Artist History

Filly Astro is a band created by Dave Filiatrault. The music is classic rock with a unique westcoast sound. There are 10 original songs written and produced by Dave. Terry Cole is the lead vocalist with a very powerful and rich sounding voice.The other guitar player is Jan Oster who`s vocals add the great dimensions to the music. On drums is Scott McCargar who used to play with Bif Naked, and is now a very busy session player. Finally on bass is Wes Cook who is a monster bass player, who lays down the bottom end as solid as a rock. If you want to have some fun check out "Little Green Men" which is on You Tube right now, just punch in fillyastro and the video will come on. We had a blast making this video, and of course I would like to thank George W Bush for meeting up with the green men, they had a good time probing him after the show, but that can`t be shown on T.V. I know you will love my album 21st Century, because it is something you can relate with in our world and our universe. The music has a good driving force with catchy vocals and guitar, so give it a listen and enjoy because the "Little Green Men: know where you live cheers...Filly Astro.

Filly Astro Blog
Review of "21st Century" by Xavier P. for RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: xavierpersad POSTED ON: 05 Sep 2007 10:24 AM
Venture into the “21st Century” with the thrilling Filly Astro and you’ll find yourself in rock heaven! Hard-driving, grinding, and electrifying are just some of the many ways to describe this powerhouse collection. “Wait For Me” flaunts some unforgettable electric guitar riffs, and introduces listeners to Filly’s powerful and edgy vocals! “Glass Window” delivers an irresistible groove, and serves as insight into the creative and soul-searching lyrics of these tunes. Veering back to the sounds of classic rock, “Cecile” slows down the pace a bit and invites listeners to take a taste of Filly’s delightful diversity. Moreover, skillful instrumentation and quality production brings this collection to a very nice finish! Fans of Bon Jovi and Pearl Jam will appreciate this awesome collection of rock hits!
-Xavier P. (for RadioIndy)
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