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FireCloud Productions from Washington
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Introduction and Description:

 This music is hard to categorize, as it is cross-genre and multi-cultural; but for lack of another term would probably best fit in the "new age" genre. It is composed using a blend of nature sounds and various effects along with synthesis and guitars. It is mostly instrumental. There are separate and sometimes inter-twined themes to each recording. Most material is either autobiographical or prophesy.  I tell stories and paint pictures using my music. It is spiritual, visionary and inspiring.



 In 1998 I fell prey to a hostile corporate takeover, and was without work for almost a year; during this time I set up a modest studio in my house and began recording. What happens in the studio is even beyond me to try and figure out. The songs just keep coming. I released the first 2 CDs within the remainder of that year, immediately followed by 3 more the next year. Now with a total of 20 CD projects to date I am continuing stronger than ever. I have established numerous sites, and my own domain and server with online, streams, samples, and multiple sales options.   Website at:   http://firecloudproductions.com 


1st  CD     The Refreshing                          1998  

 2nd CD     The Longing                              1998            

 3rd  CD     Remembrances                        1999            

 4th  CD     Spirit Rain                                1999            

 5th  CD     Heirs Of Promise                      1999            

 6th  CD     Ancient Pathways                     2000            

 7th  CD     Passage To Eden (2 CD Set)     2000

 8th  CD     Gathering Of The Tribes             2001        

 9th  CD     Approaching Eternity                  2002

 10th  CD     Kingdom Of Light                      2003

11th  CD     Tides Of Turning                        2004

12th  CD     Visions Of Destiny                     2005

13th  CD     Return To Eden                          2006

 14th  CD     The Fullness Of Time               2007

15th  CD     Confirming The Call                  2008 

16th  CD     Place Of Promise                      2009

17th  CD     Third Rising                               2010

18th  CD     Covenant Nation                       2011

19th  CD     Signs And Seasons / The Crossing   (2 CD Set)       2012

20th  CD Closing The Circle                        2013





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POSTED BY: ddrennan POSTED ON: 21 Feb 2007 01:00 PM
album coverDEAN DRENNAN: FireCloud Productions

This cross-genre music is hard to categorize, but for lack of another term would probably best fit in the "new age" genre. There are nature sounds and various effects along with synthesis and guitars.

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