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Fusion Orchestra from Ukraine

Artist History

Fusion Orchestra is a group of musicians from Sevastopol, Crimea that creates and performs music based on re-conceptualization and combination of different ethnic and contemporary styles and textures.

Sergey Bogdan (acoustic guitar),
Eugene Popov (piano),
Pavel Voronezhsky (bass),
Denis Melnikov (drums).

Band History:
Fusion Orchestra was formed in 1998 as a jazz-rock/fusion band. At that time, it included the Sergey Bogdan (acoustic guitar), Tatyana Kudryavtseva (violin), Marina Zatsepina (cello), Elvira Kalnik (vocal), Andrey Tupysev (drums), Pavel Voronezhsky (bass), Alexey Yanikov (accordion) and Sergey Popovsky (flutes). In 2001 Fusion Orchestra released CD album called Musical Novelle and after that, its cast was completely changed to the current version.

The group took part in:  
"Jazzz Bez 2007" (Ukraine - Poland);
"Jazz-Koktebel 2007" (Koktebel, Crimea, Ukraine);
"Flyugery Lvova 2007"; (Lviv, Ukraine);
"Mamakabo 2006" (Koktebel, Ukraine);
"Jazz - Koktebel 2004" (Koktebel, Ukraine);
"Jazz Autumn 2004" (Sevastopol, Ukraine);
"Yalta Jam 2000" (Yalta, Ukraine);
"The Jazz Horizons 2000" (Krivoi Rog, Ukraine).

August 2004 - musical background for the opening of the "Avant-garde 2004" vernissage at "ART-A" gallery (Sevastopol, Ukraine);
August 2004 - musical background for the opening of the "Art-cafe" (Evpatoria, Ukraine);
July 2003 - musical background for the opening of the "Winner Ford" car-selling salon (Sevastopol, Ukraine);
August 2002 - gig dedicated to the Yalta City Day (Yalta, Ukraine);
August 2001 - musical background for the opening of the "Kayra 2001" International regatta, Black Sea section (Balaklava, Ukraine);

Creation of delicate "musical landscapes" based on composing and improvising for gigs, clubs, exhibitions and parties - that's the current speciality of Fusion Orchestra.

"Apocrypha" (c)&(p)2007 Fusion Orchestra
"Octagon" (c)&(p)2006 Fusion Orchestra
"Musical Novelle" (p)2001 Fusion Orchestra
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