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Gary Snipes and the Eclectic Orchestra from Colorado

Artist History

Gary Snipes is a musician of immense talent and diversity. He has been touring and recording for many years, and has now fused offerings from an array of styles into one remarkably adventurous full-length CD, in which he is accompanied by a group of musicians with similarly open minds. Says Gary "I see the Eclectic Orchestra as a dynamically diverse ever-evolving musical entity bridging a variety of musical genres."

I Wonder is an eclectic collection incorporating a variety of musical styles, yet Gary's innate sense of melody is maintained throughout. Producer Scott Kinnear utilizes strings, horns and light orchestration to compliment Gary's unique flat-pick style guitar playing.

The album showcases the songs that Gary has accumulated over the years. They address the many moods and experiences from throughout his life. "Music is a way of expressing moods for me and I enjoy writing melodies that express emotion" said Snipes. "Music has been my passion since early childhood, through most of my life I was making up melodies in my head, so basically I was daydreaming too much." Gary's musical background includes some bizarre projects as well as touring with a variety of bands from blues to art rock & classical. He has arranged music for several Dinner Playhouse productions, a jazzy score for a made-for-TV movie about romance and heartbreak and the soundtrack for a narrated Halloween story about wizards. He has also contributed to a punk-rock compilation, a ballet production of The Little Mermaid and ambient pieces for The American Outreach program on positive living. He has even recently performed a blues concert at a prison. Variety, as they say, is most definitely the spice of Gary's life.

This incredible diversity is exemplified in I Wonder, so don't expect to settle into a groove listening to this album. It bounds from Circle of Life, where Gary plays eight different classic guitars to produce a mathematically precise, yet skewed take on blues and rock, to the title track I Wonder, a kind of "folk rap sonic document" in the life of Gary Snipes. Fat Tire is sheer adrenaline - a high speed acoustic guitar assault on a downhill journey over the single track path of mountain bike racing, while Colfax Avenue is a gritty urban hard rocker with appreciation for life on the street stating "so you think I'm slow well at least I'm free". Like emotions, the songs on this album are subject to change without notice, so let go and let it take you where it will.

I Wonder is available on CD Baby and iTunes

For further information contact Gary's producer Scott Kinnear at:
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