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Gravity Tree from California Oakland East Bay

Artist History

"...a duo who definitely punches a hole through the more established forms of Prog and creates their own sound." *

Creating their own sound has been the driving force in Gravity Tree, an experimental, progressive rock duo hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Gravity Tree influences fall all over the musical map: rock bands of the '60's and '70's, film soundtrack composers, performance artists, game music (which drummer/keyboardist Alan Nu also writes), and the "classics". The music Gravity Tree plays is sometimes referred to as Art Rock or Prog Rock, but other genre titles also fall on the group: Avant-Prog, Math Rock, Experimental - even Fusion or Alternative.

Alan and Linc had become friends during session work and live support for other bands and artists. The two had discussions about the instrumentation of a band, and how full arrangements of songs could be performed between two musicians. Out of this, Gravity Tree was formed. With few exceptions, all the instruments heard in the music are played between the two of them. They perform live as a two-piece, but the show is anything but 'unplugged'. This both challenges and liberates them, in search of a unique sound and style.

After an early vinyl release (and a number of live shows to prove it could be done), they put forth their first CD, "Life or Dessert?". This was followed up by appearances on several compilation CDs (including the Bay Prog Compilation disc), and more recently their album "Ultimate Backward".

In addition to critical praise, the band held the number 1 and 2 spots on the Progressive chart on NumberOneMusic for more than a year, with more than a million plays on their site page to date.

Exposé Magazine has said: "Gravity Tree is one of the more interesting progressive bands around... their material bears a stamp of currency, yet also features the conceptual ideals of classic progressive rock."

Gravity Tree is currently in the studio, at work on a new album.

(* USA Progressive Music)
Gravity Tree Blog
iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby have our Building
POSTED BY: Alan Nu POSTED ON: 20 May 2010 08:35 AM
Get your iPod ready: now you can download our latest prog rock song, "Building", from iTunes! Just follow this handy link:


If you are less of an iTunes person, and would rather shop at Amazon, we've got you covered:


»
A Very Progressive Christmas - new album
POSTED BY: Alan Nu POSTED ON: 27 Nov 2009 09:31 PM
Melodic Revolution Records has announced the release of "A Very Progressive Christmas", a new compilation disc featuring the music of several popular progressive music groups - including my group, Gravity Tree.

Download singles are available now; and the album itself will be released on December 1.


The album includes our Gravity Tree song "Wait" (newly remastered just for this special holiday release), and features songs from Henny Arvé, Legend, Andrew Roussak, Don Schiff (Rocket Scientists), Cirrha Niva, Musaphonica, Kurt Tischer, and more.

More information can be found in the press release from Melodic Revolution Records (see excerpt below):

A Very Progressive Christmas Vol. 1. is a holiday series of songs that will stir emotions and inspire us all. Featuring some of the finest independent and international prog bands performing music with a progressive holiday flair. This CD is an eclectic mix of traditional classic holiday music such as: We Three Kings by Kurt Tischer of Temple 8; thematic music by Legend (Holy King) and prog metalers Cirrha Nniva (Golan Heights) which features a guest appearance by Yuval Kramer from the Israeli band Amaseffer as well as other interpretations of the holiday season in true prog fashion.

»
Amazon lowers price on Gravity Tree music
POSTED BY: Alan Nu POSTED ON: 14 Nov 2009 04:52 PM
Our 1st progressive rock CD, "Life or Dessert?" has been at Amazon.com for some time, but they've just dropped the price to $7.99 US. That's a physical CD, and we were sort of surprised that they actually have it in stock (since we've pretty much run out).
Here's the link:


BTW they also have downloads of all the songs from LOD and its avant-prog follow-up, "Ultimate Backward". Right now, however the "Life or Dessert?" CD is actually cheaper than the download!
Still, CDs are great for gifts, as the holidays are rolling up (somehow, already!).
Happy shopping.


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