» Mosaic


Mosaic introduces the CD by telling us that we will be hearing a story, but in pieces. Each song then is to be heard as a tile in a mosaic, and the figures and the story emerges from all the songs taken together. In other words, you may need to squint a little. And I'm not going to write a novel here; you still have to do some work to put it together.

Trileigh Tucker suggested the idea of the song to me. The long sections, the second section and the nearly last section, are stolen from Robert Schumann using a technique called ritardation. Not the tempo, but the notes are ritarded, held back and then they resolve up instead of down. This comes back in the last song "Beyond."

There is also a funny little bait and switch scheme in this song. We hear the soloists sing what sounds like a preview of the song "In This Moment" in the middle of "Mosaic," and there are words and all. But when we get to the song on the CD, it's an instrumental! As part of the bait and switch there is a sense in this song that this will be a happy album all about love, cheerio. Well, the CD is about love, but these lovers are rarely happy. So we dive right into "My Purpose."