» My Purpose


I had an idea to write some sonnets, these things happen. "My Purpose" was the result, with some other fine poetry. I wanted the poem to show a guy over the top, deeply determined, and maybe for the wrong reasons.

The scene reminds me of a scene in Tolkein, where Beren meets Lothian, whom he calls Tinuviel. This is from the Simirillian, it's fairly obscure. However, in the extended edition of the Fellowship of the Ring, Aragorn sings a little song just before Weathertop (Amin Sul) that is about this incident. For Tolkein freaks (like yours truly) it is a fabulous and important scene. So I was going to call the song "Tinuviel." But that got shot down as too obscure and geeky. And anyway, my song is creepier, there is something doomed about this guy. Not that Beren wasn't doomed in his own way. But when the lyrics say, "I play with joy and sorrow," you get the feeling that he has some sense of what he is getting himself into.

I love the mix of the different musical styles. I played it for a guy on the Web who said, "That song's great, Charlie. I always like a good psychedelic Gregorian show-tune with a country twang!" Sounds awful, yet somehow accurate.

I played the guitar lead as a scratch, but it was a good day and it stayed.