» Alexandria


Lyrics by G.P. Cavafy

Translated by G. Valassopoulo (poem is public domain)

When at the hour of midnight
An invisible choir is suddenly heard
Passing with exquisite music, with voices

Do not lament you fortune
That at last subsides
You life's work that has failed,
You dreams that have proved illusions

But like a man prepared
Like a brave man
Bid farewell to her to

Alexandria, who is departing

Above all do not delude yourself
Do not say that it is a dream
That you ear was mistaken
Do not condescend to such empty hopes

Like a man for long prepared
Like a brave man
Like to the man who was worthy of such a city

Go to the window
And listen with emotion
Ah! Supreme rapture

Listen to the notes,
to the exquisite instruments
of the mystic choir

And bid farewell to her, to

Alexandria, Alexandria
whom you are losing