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Janyce Moomjian from California

Artist History

Janyce Moomjian, Soprano, Composer, Writer, Pianist, Voice Builder, and Vocal Coach has performed and taught privately as well as in various schools throughout Northern, Central and Southern California. She is currently operating Velvet Voyce Enterprises and on contract with the choral department of Clovis Unified School District from her home base in Fresno.

Janyce has been performing her original compositions through out  California from churches venues with her inspirational Christian Music CD and also in schools with her Children's Music and Lullaby CD's.

Being a voice teacher for 30 years, she developed a learn to sing CD which has become very popular with singers of all ages. Her techniques of removing tension have been proven valuable and the students improvement remarkable.

  During the early 1980's Janyce was the voice teacher and coach for the Blue Bear School of Music. She helped singers in bands from all over the world and could build their voice and ear to go on and perform in many genres of music.

A child prodigy, professional trained to play piano and to sing under the instruction of successful and local vocal teacher Dorothy Renzi grew into a young performer who astounded her teachers culminating in her selection to play a lead role in the classical opera “The Consul” by Menotti at Fresno State Univ.

However, performing with a bronchial infection she damaged her voice to the extent that her doctors feared she may never be able to sing again but Janyce was determined to prove those fears as unfounded.

After healing from the infection and not being able to speak or sing for a year and a half, she realized her voice would require complete rebuilding. Over the following 3 years under the instruction of renowned performers and voice builders, soprano Elizabeth Doubleday, baritone Hernan Pelayo and tenor Stephan Kemalyan, Janyce built her voice to the point that she could break glass.

While she performed in classical operatic venues like the Fresno Opera Association and the Casa De Espania Opera House, she also sang lead in a pop/rock band.

During her adult career, Janyce gleaned from her lifetime of training and experiences a wealth of knowledge leading to the development of voice building techniques fundamental to strong vocal abilities (i.e. range, color, clarity.) Her specialty is found in the removal of vocal tension in speaking as well as singing in all genres where such abilities are desired.

If you are looking for “quick fix” or “drive thru” lessons or you want to learn how to imitate, scream and grind, look elsewhere. Janyce will focus solely on the long term commitment required for the development of one’s God given and unique vocal instrument to be all it can be

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RadioIndy is pleased to announced that we have published our CD Review of Janyce Moomjian's music to Amazon. 

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"Velvet Inspirational and Christian Music" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: EricLawrence POSTED ON: 21 Sep 2008 07:12 PM
California vocalist/pianist Janyce Moomjian’s “Velvet Inspirational and Christian Music” is an aptly titled album that uses the artist’s vocal performance both as a musical instrument, as well as an instrument for teaching. This is the third release from Moomjian and Velvet Voyce Enterprises, all of which are intended, among other things, to provide vocal lessons to the listener. This particular album takes inspirational and Christian songs written by Janyce along with traditional inspirational and Christian songs, fashioning them around piano compositions and Moomjian’s vocals. She sings in a theatrical, pop opera soprano similar to Barbara Streisand. “Velvet Inspirational and Christian Music” is well-produced and brings Moomjian’s vocals to the forefront while keeping the piano audible but relatively light. “Tiny Star” has fun, lulling keyboard work and a great vocal performance about wishing, dreaming, and living. “Walk In The Lord” has an upbeat piano progression, a nice drum beat, and inspiring lyrics. “Ave Maria” is a great take on the traditional hymn with nice piano work and an excellent operatic vocal. Sopranos seeking vocal lessons and fans of inspirational Christian music and great piano work should certainly look into Janyce Moomjian.
-Chris & the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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