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Jaustian from Montana Great Falls

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Intimate, relaxing instrumental songs, colorfully and delicately arranged with lyrical tones which soothe, warm and romance the senses. A scenic drive of wonderment through the eyes and hearts of the Jaustian.
There are five of us in this band and we all come from different genres and locations in the world. However together we add a special blend of talent that challenges each of us to do our best work.

Catherine Towbin has been a contemporary classical composer and pianist for over 30 years. She has performed in Europe for the last 20 years and her CD Shades and Perspectives has won much critical acclaim. She performs in the US and in Europe.

Marcus Dallacqua is a pianist and has composed for the Christian Music scene. He composed, arranged and engineered a CD released in Italy in 2002. Presently he lives in Michigan.

Melinda Sobel is our newest and most exciting addition to the group as her compositions encompass blues, folk and a more contemporary flavor. She presently resides in Southern California.

Laura Leblanc is our vocalist on "The Meaning of My Life" and has been singing and recording music for over fifteen years. She is well known locally as she sings for local churches, weddings and events. Professionally trained in college and by private voice lessons, Laura's voice exhibits smooth tones along with a wide vocal range. She resides in North Carolina.

Tim Dallacqua provides much of the technical, engineering, producing, arranging, audio mixing and mastering of the work that is done by the group. He resides in Montana.
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