Jean Laughlin
Image: JeanBackCoverBW-1.jpg

With her sixth release–Miracle of Life–Laughlin showcases her talent, polished technique and insight as a composer, lyricist, and producer. This is Jean's fifth collaboration with gifted arranger and co-producer Jim Martin. There is a wonderful group dynamic between Jim and Jean and co-producer/sound engineer Freddie Breitberg which helped create an album full of warmth and love.

Adding to the mix, Jean is backed by a full orchestra, including top notch Chicago jazz musicians whose tasteful and inventive improvised solos enrich each piece. A masterful string section completes the orchestra which, with Jim's superb charts, help make Jean's music come to life.

Her ballads, which range in genre from jazz to Broadway musical to cabaret, touch on the everyday challenges of our lives. In her big band jazz tunes, she shows us her sense of humor as she contemplates life's absurdities.

Jean released her first album–I'm Glad There Is You–in 1992. She wrote and produced Confessions of a Woman, released in 1996, Who Am I? in 1998, What Am I Looking For? in 2001, No Easy Way in 2007. Her latest CD–Miracle of Life–was released in March of 2012. Many of Jean's songs are receiving international radio airplay.