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Jeri Hilderley from New York New York City
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Artist History

Jeri's music has roots in many art forms. She studied piano, marimba and voice from a young age at Interlocken Music Conservatory, Smith College Glee Club, but her song writing and singing career took off after being a MA sculptor and director of collective theater groups. Active in the Women's Music Network, she taught music in NY City Public Schools for 20 years, continuing to perform throughout the US and Canada and creating her own recording studio, SeawaveRecordings.com. She has received grants from NYSCA, NY Found.for Arts, Dewitt Wallace, and Fellowships from Blue Mtn Art Ctr and VCCA.

Jeri Hilderley Blog
  Featured Single
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 15 Mar 2010 06:01 PM

Band Name: Jeri Hilderley
Featured Single: I'm Back in Town
Album: 12 Meditations on Love
Genre: Progressive Folk


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POSTED BY: radioindy POSTED ON: 28 Dec 2009 10:50 AM


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  "12 Meditations On Love" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 19 Dec 2009 07:41 PM

Jeri Hilderley's newest release is "12 Meditations On Love." This album is a collection of avant-garde songs that revolve around Jeri's almost operatic voice; which are meant as a celebration of nature's gifts, love, and the positive sides of life in general. "Blue Hydrangea" is a song in which Jeri sings energetically over mellow guitar picking, in a song inspired by the beauty of a flower. "Gay Beach in P-Town" is more of a playful song, in which a duet of voices sings carefully over xylophone playing in remembrance of good times at a gay beach. "Company of Two" is a song in which Jeri sings over a guitar and occasional cello in a song inspired by the possibilities of love between two people. This album is one that is made in dedication of the wonderful and mysterious quagmire that is love. If you enjoy calm, operatic singing, and love-inspired music then "12 Meditations On Love" is an album you would enjoy hearing.

-Sean B. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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POSTED BY: radioindy POSTED ON: 08 Dec 2009 01:31 PM

Jeri Hilderley : 12 Meditations On Love

 Jeri Hilderley: 12 Meditations On Love
Infused with personal insights, nature’s gifts and gay sensibility, these colorful and soulful songs celebrate the mysterious, luscious and rejuvenating aspects of love; not your traditional meditations. Genre: Folk: Progressive Folk Release Date: 2008

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