John Pedersen
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John Pedersen is a contemporary keyboardist from Southern California. He expresses his individuality as a composer in a variety of genres such as smooth jazz, chill out lounge, funk, Latin influenced rock, solo piano and electronica. Infectious melodies padded by a lush soundscape anchored by a hip rhythm section are some ways to describe John's style. Hypnotic grooves and inspired musicianship are another. John writes instrumental music designed to connect emotionally with the listener. It has what is known as the "wow" effect. It touches you deeply and lifts you. Along with John's multi-keyboard approach, superb guest musicians on sax, flute, guitar, bass and drums are featured. The result is a full band sound that just flat out sizzles and rocks. John spent many years in a variety of situations including stints with rock and country bands, a long career as a church organist and accompanying singers and choirs. Along with those musical experiences, lessons and college groomed John into a well rounded player. This eclecticism is reflected in the diversity found on John's five albums. "White Owl" (1997) was a journey into new age mysticism, while "Legend & Landscape" (1999) had elements of ambient and Native American styles as it explored the myths and legends of the desert. "When Sun Broke Through" (2002) was an inspiring collection of tunes with a more jazz-rock feel, but the 2006 release, "Paradise", was really getting ensconced in smooth jazz and groove oriented electronica, with several beautiful solo piano tracks thrown in for good measure. The brand new masterpiece, "Groovidi" (2007), continues the influence of contemporary jazz in earnest, along with funk, solo piano and even Latin flamenco: underscoring John's interest in all manner of great music. When John isn't recording, he teaches a small army of students the joys of piano playing.